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Upgraded System Boiler and Cylinder - Adam Crowther

Ideal Logic MAX 18s Boiler and Joule 200l Unvented Cylinder

new boiler langenhoe colchester

Time for an upgrade with the high quality logic boiler and joule cylinder, our favourite combination

Mr Crowther contacted Elementis Boiler Experts because of reliability issues with his boiler and cylinder. We found the ageing ariston boiler had multiple faults and because of it's age we decided this needed an upgrade to a high efficiency ideal logic with 10 year warranty.  The installation was a straight forward job because we were replacing with a like for like boiler regarding the pipework. Mr Crowther had told us he was amazed by how quiet the new ideal boiler was and he didn't even know if it was running because of how quiet it was.

We upgraded his programmer to a hive smart thermostat so he can now control from his phone, this is great if you leave the house and accidentally leave the heating on, you can just turn it off saving that all important gas.

We also changed a 2 port valve that controlled the heating, this was temperamental so rather than risk it breaking completely we changed it for a honeywell 2 port. There was also underfloor heating that had never been wired correctly so we installed another 2 port valve and rewired the whole system. The old boiler had never really been wired correctly so we installed a large wiring centre and started from scratch, sometimes this is the best way to go rather than trying to work out another poor engineer/electricians wiring. The underfloor heating now has full control and Mr Crowther is so happy after all these years of it not working correctly.

unvented cylinder langenhoe colchester

Unvented cylinder upgrade!

We found a leak on the old unvented cylinder which was impossible to repair because the actual body had failed. This had been in 18 years so has had a good innings. The brand of cylinder we install is joule, these are great value for money and never seem to let us down.  When we drained down the old cylinder and removed the pipework we found the hot feed nearly completely blocked, Mr Crowther had mentioned his hot pressure wasn't very good and this is what would have caused it.

We installed the new cylinder and Mr Crowther was amazed at how much flow and pressure he now has in his hot taps, with the new silent efficient boiler, the massive increase in water pressure, the now working underfloor heating he wished he had done this a very long time ago or even better got Elementis Boiler Experts to do the work to begin with rather than use cowboys.

The boiler, cylinder and hive thermostat are all working in perfect harmony now, not only saving money but all working at maxium performance exactly the way it was intended.

This type of system is the best in my eyes, a pressurised boiler and pressurised cylinder, there are many factors that need to be considered when choosing this type of system. Firstly the most important is your incoming mains water, if this isn't high enough this system will never be good enough (you can get around this with an accumulator) but these are large so even more space will be required. This takes us on nicely to the second consideration, space! Cylinders are large and need big storage, this is one of the main reasons combi boilers are so popular they often only need a kitchen cupboard where an unvented cylinder needs an airing cupboard etc.

So, if you have the correct flow rate and pressure (we can test this and always will before quoting this type of system) and ample storage this is the best of the best type of system. Please visit https://elementisboilerexperts.com/new-boiler/

unvented cylinder colchester

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