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Combi Boiler replacement in Colchester

We were contacted by Mrs Woods regarding her old glowworm boiler that had become unreliable, we gave the boiler a diagnostics and found multiple faults on the boiler that was 15 years old. This is the sort of age where a boiler starts to fail and you have to weigh up the options of a repair or replacement because you may repair one or two parts of the boiler but there is nothing to say another part will fail in the near future. The fact there was multiple parts starting to fail and that Mrs Woods was refurbing the whole house now was a perfect time to replace the boiler.

boiler replacement colchester

Which combi boiler to go for?

We spoke about the different options of boiler, all of them were combi boilers but with different warranties. Mrs Woods decided on the ever popular ideal logic max2 with 10 year warranty. This is a great solid boiler which I have in my own home and would replace it with the same boiler when it eventually fails. We upgraded the system controls with nice and simple to use EPH combi pack 4 with big nice visual temperature readings. We install ideal boilers for their reliability, ease of repair and ease of servicing. With regards to servicing most manufactures of  boilers require a strip down service every 5 years, this involves removing the top of the heat exchanger and pouring water through to clear any stuck carbon, the great thing with the logic is when you do this you don't need to replace gaskets etc so works out much cheaper to service than other brands where they require new seals and electrodes & flame rectification probes.


boiler replacement colchester 1


Fitting the new boiler

A straight boiler swap is the most simple type of boiler job we do. The old system was already pressurised for hot water and heating because we were replacing a combi to combi so we knew the old pipework was sound. We drained the old heating down, isolated the mains water supply and safely isolated the electricity supply. When then tested the gas and removed the meter for safety. As you can see from the above picture Rhys hung the old boiler (my old back isn't what it used to be so I avoid the heavy lifting these days) and we started to pipe it up. The ideal logic max2 comes with a brass system filter to collect any sludge in the system. We checked the water quality and it was clean so all that was required was a cold mains flush and a new bottle of inhibitor.

boiler replacement colchester 3

Registering the new boiler with gas safe

We commissioned the new boiler and registered with gas safe and ideal. A safety certificate will be delivered within a few days. Nothing will be sent from ideal boilers but it will be on their system and if a warranty call is ever needed please visit this page https://idealheating.com/support/faqs/warranties

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