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Boiler Fitted for David Chow

Mr Chow contacted us regarding a boiler quote in Ipswich. The old Worchester Bosch boiler had been condemned by another heating engineer and had become an uneconomical repair so Mr Chow contacted us regarding a quote. We have a sophisticated quoting system where we didn't even require a site visit, we asked for pictures of the old boiler to be taken and whatsapped or emailed over to us and we managed to build a boiler quote there and then. There were 3 different options for Mr Chow, the budget ideal classic 2 with a 5 year warranty, our popular midrange boiler the ideal logic max2 with 10 year warranty and the top end ideal vogue max with 12 year warranty.

ideal logic max2 combi

The ever popular ideal logic max 2 combi boiler with 10 year warranty was chosen.

Mr Chow opted for the 10 year warranty logic max, this is a no brainer for a landlord as it's good value for money and as long as the boiler is kept serviced every year it's a whole 10 years of worry free from breakdowns because parts and labour are included by manufactures warranty. We carried out a gas safety certificate which is required by landlords when letting a property. The old boiler was taken away for recycling.

10 year warranty ideal logic


We upgraded the controls to save money on heating bills

We installed the budget wireless programmer that is really good value for money. If the client decides they don't require a wifi internet enabled thermostat our goto wireless programmer without internet is the EPH. Great little programmer with really easy to use bright interface. The bonus of using this smart programmer is it can communicate with the boiler with opentherm technology meaning it can save even more gas and protects the components from constantly being turned on and off like a traditional programmer.

wireless programmer

  We installed a magnetic system filter to protect the boiler.

With the logic and vogue max of boilers a magnetic filter is included in the box. In my opinion this is the best magnetic filter on the market, it's fully brass and will last forever as it doesn't require the top to be unscrewed to remove the magnet, neither do the isolation valves need to be touched, two of the things that fail on most other filters. The magnet is really strong too protecting the boiler from any sludge floating around the system. We do a chemical flush on any new system as a minimal but with very old and poorly looked after systems a magnaclense or powerflush maybe required.

inhibitor fernox top up

Which central heating chemicals do we use?

We only use the best chemicals on the market whether that be for powerflushing or just general chemicals such as inhibitor it's never a good idea to save money on these as these are the things that will save you money by preventing your heating system breaking down. Our goto inhibitor is the fernox concentrate, the reason for this is fernox have always been a industry leader in this field (the guys actually invented and most people refer to inhibitor as fernox) and because it's a concentrate in a small bottle it fits perfectly into the fernox omega filter that is supplied with the boiler so it's a win win, the best chemical on the market and it fills the system easily via the filter.

ideal logic filter

If you require a new boiler quote via a in person visit or by a remote system please book you quote via our new boiler page

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