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Boiler and Hotwater Conversion to Pressurised - Mrs Gould From Colchester

Mrs Gould contacted us from a recommendation, she wanted to free up space and replace an ageing inefficient unreliable boiler.

boiler and hotwater conversion to pressurised mrs gould from colchester

We discussed the best way forward with Mrs Gould and to see is a combi boiler was a viable option. First we checked the gas supply to see if this capable of accepting the new boiler. We need checked the incoming mains pressure to see if this was acceptable for a new combi boiler. When we were satisfied the boiler was capable enough for the hotwater demand required we then check on the water quality of the existing system.

We did an inhibitor level test (see pic above) to see if the old system had inhibitor as this is a good indication if the system has been looked after because inhibitor prevents corrosion of the internal part of a radiator (black sludge) and pipework. We then test each radiator for cold spots, these came back satisfactory and the system required just a chemical treatment and cold flush for the new boiler.

It was important that we specced the new boiler correctly as Mrs Gould explained to us she really liked the current pressure in the shower as this was run using a pump off of the old gravity system so we chose a good quality combi boiler with high flow rates to match the old shower pump.

The location of the new boiler was in the same position as the old one in the garage but the cylinder and associated pipework in the airing cupboard has been removed gaining that all important space needed for Mrs Gould and her family. The old loft tanks were removed freeing up lots of space in the roof space.

We upgraded the external condense pipework to the correct regulations to help prevent freezing and we upgraded the gas pipework. A hive smart thermostat was installed which is not only easy to control from a phone but makes the overall system much more efficient than a simple on/off thermostat.

We registered all paperwork with gas safe register and ideal for the 10 year warranty.

Mrs Gould is very happy with the new hotwater & heating system and we're sure she will be over the moon when her gas bills drop considerably with the new high efficiency ideal logic MAX combi boiler.

boiler and hotwater conversion to pressurised mrs gould from colchester 1

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