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limescale reducer colchester
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Intergas Boiler Going Hot and Cold?

Does your intergas boiler run hot and cold?

This is why you should really consider who you allow to install a gas boiler in your home. This boiler from the untrained eye looks absolutely fine, they even tried to install it right by putting an inline scale reducer on the incoming main but anyone who knows anything about intergas boilers knows the warranty is void if this type of limescale reducer is installed as they require a hydropath electronic scale reducer which is much more effective.

The reason intergas need a much stronger scale reducer is unlike a normal combi boiler where the burner heats central heating water that is treated with a chemical to stop build up of sludge and limescale which then diverts into a plate to plate heat exchanger, which then has the cold mains water going through it to give you hot water. The intergas heats the cold water directly through the burner because it doesn't have a diverter valve/plate to plate heat exchanger. This way of heating the hotwater directly can allow build up of limescale which in this case has happened because the correct limescale reducer wasn't installed.

hotwater going hot and cold

How do we prevent limescale in the boiler heat exchanger?

There is a simple fix, an electronic limescale reducer. The one recommended by intergas is called a hydro path. This is wired into the boiler directly and will sit on the mains cold water, it will then shock it to remove the sharp parts of it that stick together causing limescale to build up.

Neither the inline or electronic limescale reducers actually soften water like some people believe, only a proper water softener that takes salt will remove the hardness from water making it soft. The type of limescale reducer like the hydropath will change the molecular structure of the hardwater as it passes through making the edges smooth so it cannot stick to things such as the inside of the boiler, it will just pass through but it's still there meaning you don't get the benefits of softwater.

If you would like more advice on this please contact us here https://elementisboilerexperts.com/contact-us/ 

powerflush intergas colchester

What happens if it's too late to prevent? How do elementis boiler experts reverse the boiler problems?

What we do is connect a powerflush machine, this is normally used to flush poorly circulating heating systems and radiators. We connect the machine into the incoming cold water to the boiler and the other pipe to the hot making the boiler think a hot tap is open. The boiler will fire up heating the water in the powerflush machine, we need to get this 60-70 degrees Celsius for the DS3 scale reducer chemical to work correctly. Once upto temperature we add the correct amount of chemical which starts as a yellow colour. Once all the limescale has been broken down and is running correctly there are two ways to tell it has worked, the boiler will start to stay on without cycling hot and cold, this means the exchanger has cleared because it stays constantly on without over heating and another way to tell is the yellow chemical turns green.

We then disconnect the machine, reconnect the pipework and thoroughly flush out the pipework. We then test all of the hot taps in the house to confirm the flush has been a success and no chemcial is left, once happy we pack the machine away. We will then install the hydropath onto the incoming mains water to stop this fault ever happening again.

If you think you have this problem please book a boiler breakdown via this link https://elementisboilerexperts.com/boiler-repair/

limescale reducer colchester

Would you like to read some of the excellent reviews left by our amazing customers or watch some of the brilliant customer testimonials have a look here https://elementisboilerexperts.com/reviews/

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