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boiler quotes – a complete guide
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Boiler Quotes – A Complete Guide

Your boiler plays an integral role in your home. It heats your rooms on cold nights and warms up the water when you need a quick shower. But if something goes wrong, it can quickly become costly.

When your boiler needs replacing, repairing or servicing, you need to be sure you’re getting a good deal. That’s where boiler quotes come in...

What are boiler quotes?

When you’re shopping around for boiler installation or repairs, the companies you contact will provide you with boiler quotes. Put simply, they will give you a clear overview of the costs you’ll need to pay, including parts and labour. This information can help you to weigh up who is offering the best deal before you hire someone.

When do I need boiler quotes?

There are several different scenarios that will usually require you to ask for some boiler quotes.

  • Replacing or installing a boiler – You’ll need a quote for replacing a boiler or installing one into a new property.
  • Repairs – Any repairs will require quotes, though some repairs may be covered by a servicing or maintenance plan.
  • Servicing – It’s recommended that you service your boiler each year to ensure it’s in good working order. You can get quotes for a one-off service or a boiler service plan.

How the process works

Obtaining boiler quotes is a very simple process. First, you’ll need to reach out to a few heating engineers and tell them about the issue, along with details of your heating and hot water requirements.

You may be able to get an online boiler quote, but in most cases, the engineer will need to visit your home first. They’ll find the best solution for you – and if they offer energy saving features, such as smart thermostats, they’ll be able to talk you through these too.

How many boiler quotes should I get?

Generally speaking, you should contact at least two or three installers/engineers. Don’t just go with the first quote you get.

Some factors to consider include...

  • Are they local enough to you for a quick response?
  • Do they have the full accreditations required for the job?
  • Do online reviews recommend their services?
  • Do they listen to your needs and requirements?

What should a boiler quote include?

Once you’ve got all your boiler quotes, you might still be unsure about what you’re actually looking for. The main consideration is usually the price. Make sure they’ve provided a detailed breakdown of the costs. Providing only the total price gives you no indication of what exactly you’re paying for – which isn’t good practice on their part.

A detailed cost breakdown also enables you to compare engineers. Whilst one boiler installer might be more expensive, they could offer considerably more than the others within that price.

Keep in mind that you’ll be looking for different things in an installation quote to a servicing quote. For example, you’ll need to keep an eye out for any guarantees or warranties in an installation quote, whereas the option for a boiler service plan is a consideration for servicing quotes.

Request a boiler quote today

With a myriad of energy-saving benefits, it’s no wonder that many homeowners are taking the plunge and installing a new boiler.

At Elementis, our gas safe registered boiler experts have over 15 years’ experience installing, repairing and servicing boilers across the Essex area. Plus, we always use smart thermostats to help make your home extra efficient.

If you’d like to get the ball rolling, why not request a free boiler quote today?

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