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Straight Boiler Swap Colchester - Mr and Mrs Thrower

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Mr and Mrs Thrower - Straight Boiler Swap Colchester

Mr and Mrs Thrower contacted us at Elementis Boiler Experts regarding a very outdated heat only boiler. They were worried about it's efficiency and reliability especially considering the hike in fuel prices and the fact winter is now drawing in.

Their current boiler was a non condensing boiler so that means it was at least 18 years old so definitely had run it's course. We decided to upgrade to the ever reliable ideal logic H18 MAX with a 10 year warranty.

The pipework for the new boiler

The pipework from the old boiler to new was pretty straight forward, we had to google the old manual for the old boiler so we could 100% confirm the correct flow and return which turned out to be the opposite on the new boiler. We also had to add the ideal logic brass filter that comes with the MAX range of boilers. We checked all of the pipework in the airing cupboard and confirmed this would all be ok for the new boiler and wouldn't need upgrading. All pipework in the garage where the boiler was installed was lagged.

Flue and brick work

The boiler flue had to be repositioned and the bricks were rock solid. We finally got through them with a 5" core drill but on closer inspection the last installer hadn't used a core hole but had stitch drilled meaning we would need multiple bricks to repair the old hole. Mr Thrower was kind enough to offer a visit to a few hardware shops to find the same bricks, he was unsuccessful but put a facebook message out and it was confirmed a local shop had the same style so I went off and purchased them. We then repaired the old flue hole.

Condense pipework

This was tricky too as we were going from a non condensing boiler to a condensing boiler so there was no existing pipework to use. We had no drainage to connect into either as the boiler was in the garage. We found the only way to safely remove the condensate water was to dig a soak away and fill this with lime chips to neutralise the acidic water from the boiler when in condensing mode.

new boiler rowhedge

Ideal logic MAX with 10 year warranty!

The customer is over the moon with the new boiler, it heats the radiators up in no time. The main reason for this is the efficient way the boiler heats the water, the heat exchanger is made from an alloy that exchanges the gas burn't into hot water much much quicker which in turn uses far less gas. Also the way a condensing boiler works is it reuses the burn't gases meaning no where near as much heat is wasted compared to a non condensing boiler. We installed a hive smart thermostat/programmer too which will also help the boiler run in a more efficient way and the customer can turn the heating and hot water on via a smart phone. This was another successful boiler installation in Colchester and the customer will have many years of a beautifully warm home all thanks to these superb boilers.

Do you require a new boiler in Colchester?

If you answered yes then please arrange a quote via our boiler quote page at https://elementisboilerexperts.com/new-boiler/

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